Does Traffic Help SEO?

Internet Traffic is monitored heavily by Google and other search engines because they want to understand what is popular, relevant, and quality. It accomplishes this by monitoring a few key metrics

Click Through Rate:

How often a keyword or brand is searched is important, but Google takes it a step further by analyzing not only the number of times a keyword is searched, but which page exactly they visited. This tells Google the meta Title is one that is very relevant to the end user (the searcher) but there is another large component which most proxies and fake both traffic such as Pandabot fall short.

Dwell Time: 

This is the measurement of time the searcher spent on the webpage they clicked. If a person “bounces” and leaves the page in just a few seconds Google, Yahoo and Bing know it was a bad experience, and will in turn not show this webpage for the search query. However, if the user browses the website for minutes, and clicks on internal pages, the search engines understand it was a quality end result.