Pandabot Alternatives – Get More Organic Search Traffic

A Pandabot alternative needs to address the key weaknesses of the downloadable program.

1) true automation

2) real users, not bots or proxies

3) footprint

4) scaleability, results, longevity

Since it’s a downloadable software, and not cloud based you must run it from your PC. This can be a pain to manage as evidently life will get in the way, and you won’t want to worry about running the software.

Proxies are not humans, and Google is getting better at understanding fake traffic. This also leads into part 3, which is footprint. With a finite exchange program of users, its leaving gigantic footprints which the search engines can pick up on.

Since the service is open to free users, many freeloaders are simply using the service for hobby websites or trying to make their first dollar online. It dilutes the service and ends up turning off legitimate client SEO agencies that can not risk their clients or money sites to a small group of proxies. Because the service is free, it also doesn’t allow for true scale, which is necessary to keep growing the network. With over 200,000 users at any time using Crowd Search Me it is 100x larger, lowering its footprint potential.